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Bloody Monday

I just finished watching the first episode…and I only can think of one word: epic!!
I mean I´m honestly speachless!This drama is way too awesome and I can’t believe that I starting watching it just now!!
Even so I’ll always wanted to start watching Bloody Monday I always got distracted by other stuff!xD
Actually I didn’t want to start watching it today either….. cause I’m writing an biology exam on friday and I have to study.T____T
However I thought one episode is ok!Forgot about the length of the first episode though…
And I so knew this was going to happen!I´m already hooked.xDD
I could watch the second episode immediately!*___*
This drama is really full of suspense!Moreover I love the actors!Miura Haruma,Hiroki Narimiya and Sato Takeru in one drama! Hello?
Is there anything more you can ask for? xDDD
I think Miura Haruma is an awesome actor! I already liked him in Koizora but now I can just admire him!lol
Sato Takeru was just great in Mei-chan no Shitsujui and I always wanted to watch another drama with him!;)
Yeah…do I have to say anything about Hiroki Narimiya?
Mr. I’m starring in almost every good that was released in Japan!lol
Honestly, he is just amazing!One of my absolute fav. Actors!^^
Just can’t wait for him to appear!(I mean like really appear xD)Hopefully next episode?^__^

Ok! I should really hit the pillow now! xDD
It’s already 1:55 am and I´ve to wake up in about 4 hours!
Wish me luck that I’m going to be able to resist the temptation!xDD
Good night!^_____^

This video was on youtube once…but now it´s gone!I´ve searched for it everywhere!Finally I found it on tudou!xD
This mv is really awesome!After watching it for the first time I really wanted to watch Bloody Monday!So thanks to the person who made this video cause that way this drama caught my attention!;)

Bloody Monday-All about us MV

Better quality?

Oh yeah!I´m so loving the music in this drama!It´s great!I´m going to upload the OST soon!I think on the weekend!;)

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Best song of the OST!I just LOVE it!^____^
Goodbye Prosecutor Princess!T___T

I just finished this drama tonight and what can I say…this was definitely one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched!
This drama really surprised me…at first I wasn’t even sure if I should watch it cause I thought I might get bored because of the prosecutor stuff but the story was well balanced and I’m so glad I gave this drama a chance!;)
The cast was just amazing! Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yun are really awesome actors!
Their chemistry is great!
Sometimes their discussions were just hilarious!!!
They storyline was awesome!Really refreshing!
It was funny and cute and everything yet sometimes the suspense was killing me!xDD
This is one of the rare dramas you can’t tell how it’s going to end!
It was really hard to figure out what In Woos was up to!^^
Even so the at the beginning I thought this was a light drama the story got more complex later on and I was just impressed!;)
I really love how the personalities of the characters develop throughout the drama!
Anyways the ending was just amazing!!
This drama was just awesome and I’m REALLY going to miss it!
Probably the best drama of this year(so far).

Kim So Yun:
This women is awesome!Honestly!I really admire her!
Her acting skills are superb!
And she is just beautiful!
I hope she is going to act in another drama soon!!
Really can´t wait to watch another one with her as the female lead!
I loved her character!
Hye Ri is great!Really funny and not so clingy (thank god)as the most female drama leads!

Park Shi Hoo:
Now that’s what I call eye-candy!xDD
His first appearance was in ep. 1 when he opened a door.
I’ve watched that ep. on viikii and when his arm appeared everyone was going crazy!
And I was like:
“Huh?Whats going on?xD”
Then he opened the door and I got a good view on his smling self and was like:
“Omg!Now I know whats going on!Hello Mr. Handsome!Don´t tell me you are the male lead?”*faint*xDD
Seriously! This man is just way too handsome!^^
Moreover he is an awesome actor!
He portrait In Woo absolutely convincing!!
I hope to see him in a new drama soon!
I think I’m going to watch City Hall next!xD

Someone is looking smoking hot in shades!;)

I love this scene!He is just so damn cute!;)

The rest of the cast was amazing as well!
I don’t want too mention that much cause I don’t want to spoil you guys!^^

Oh yeah!And this drama features some of the best kiss scenes I’ve watched!This kisses were so amazing!It was hard not to faint!lol
Sorry for the spoiler but I just wasn’t able to resist!>.<

This kiss was way too awesome!The smile killed me!*melt*
I don’t know how often I replayed this scene!xD

(Sorry I can´t remember why made the gifs!So if anyone knows contact me…then I can credit the person!;)

Too bad the rating was not that high…it was not bad either…but anyways…same time slot as Cinderellas Sister and Personal Taste…hard competition …I guess.
So everyone who is looking for a funny,cute,romantic,heartwarming yet really interesting and suspenseful drama should definitely give Prosecutor Princess a try! I promise it is absolutely worth it!!

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Hello world!

Hey guys!
My name is Jenny!
I´m 19 years old and from Germany!
I love asian music and dramas!

This is my first time using wordpress…so I´m kind of confused!lolBut I´ll do my best!;)

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