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Bloody Monday

I just finished watching the first episode…and I only can think of one word: epic!!
I mean I´m honestly speachless!This drama is way too awesome and I can’t believe that I starting watching it just now!!
Even so I’ll always wanted to start watching Bloody Monday I always got distracted by other stuff!xD
Actually I didn’t want to start watching it today either….. cause I’m writing an biology exam on friday and I have to study.T____T
However I thought one episode is ok!Forgot about the length of the first episode though…
And I so knew this was going to happen!I´m already hooked.xDD
I could watch the second episode immediately!*___*
This drama is really full of suspense!Moreover I love the actors!Miura Haruma,Hiroki Narimiya and Sato Takeru in one drama! Hello?
Is there anything more you can ask for? xDDD
I think Miura Haruma is an awesome actor! I already liked him in Koizora but now I can just admire him!lol
Sato Takeru was just great in Mei-chan no Shitsujui and I always wanted to watch another drama with him!;)
Yeah…do I have to say anything about Hiroki Narimiya?
Mr. I’m starring in almost every good that was released in Japan!lol
Honestly, he is just amazing!One of my absolute fav. Actors!^^
Just can’t wait for him to appear!(I mean like really appear xD)Hopefully next episode?^__^

Ok! I should really hit the pillow now! xDD
It’s already 1:55 am and I´ve to wake up in about 4 hours!
Wish me luck that I’m going to be able to resist the temptation!xDD
Good night!^_____^

This video was on youtube once…but now it´s gone!I´ve searched for it everywhere!Finally I found it on tudou!xD
This mv is really awesome!After watching it for the first time I really wanted to watch Bloody Monday!So thanks to the person who made this video cause that way this drama caught my attention!;)

Bloody Monday-All about us MV

Better quality?

Oh yeah!I´m so loving the music in this drama!It´s great!I´m going to upload the OST soon!I think on the weekend!;)

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